With the latest User App release GullyBuy marks first foray into ML!

GullyBuy’s latest release allows buyers to search for favorite stores, make UPI payments and reorder! Marks first foray into ML (Machine Learning) .

GullyBuy User App version 1.3

Released: Aug 1st, 2020

Store Visibility

  • Search for a specific store

  • Store Efficiency rating

  • Sort stores on Rating / Distance

  • Store Profile display

Online Payment

  • Direct UPI payment to Store by deep linking to your UPI payment apps

New Order preparation made easy

  • Repeat old order using REORDER

  • Copy and paste Order Items from Excel/WhatsApp/any app or a previous Order

  • ML (machine learning) based context-sensitive autocomplete for order items

Heads up: Catalog with selectable items, multiple ways to prepare order without extra typing, rewards/incentive framework coming soon!

**GullyBuy For USER latest release is now available on Play Store! iPhone update will take a few days more.

The @GullyBuy vision is to ‘Simplify Life, Simplify Shopping’ for you, and also empower stores to be online and beat their big competition at their own game. Support local commerce! Download the app from www.gullybuy.com and experience the difference! https://gullybuy.page.link/userapp


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