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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

It is difficult to be simple. The GullyBuy team has built many successful enterprise products in previous companies. These were typically complex and feature rich solutions. But it is different this time. At GullyBuy, we want to enable a buyer to get stuff from a local store as simply and conveniently as possible. We are addressing a market where the buy-sell process has remained largely unchanged for centuries. For most kiranas with their small shops, 2-4 person staff, non-tech skills, any big transition simply won't work. Our goal then is a "simple" app with complexity hidden away from users. It must provide a ‘click pe kirana’ experience while retaining the informal shopping behavior and trust inherent in the kirana-buyer relationship. Our team meetings are interesting: some great ideas are banked if difficult to use, edge cases that will add product complexity are left for manual resolution, and the focus is on minimum screens and least number of clicks to get the job done. Will the strategy work? We look to apps like Whatsapp for inspiration, and hope to replicate their simplicity in the kirana world.

#kirana #groceries #startups #ecommerce


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