Encouraging results from our pilot! Gearing up to launch GullyBuy officially!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

On April 8, we launched a pilot version of GullyBuy apps for users and vendors for early feedback and evaluation. GullyBuy is a platform to connect buyers and neighbourhood stores (kiranas, veggie and fruit vendors, cakes and confectionery, OTC medicine, home entrepreneurs etc.).

By April 15, we signed more than 10 Vendors and 100+ Users in select areas. This was faster progress than we expected since direct connect with vendors is not possible in today’s times. It was a good validation of a key USP of our vendor app, which is that it requires no training and they are ready to receive orders within a minute of downloading the app.

India is fighting a battle on two fronts: keeping Covid19 under control and trying to sustain the economy. Let us come together and help our small neighbourhood stores who have been keeping households supplied with daily necessities. GullyBuy has launched an initiative called FOLKS (Friends of Local Kirana Stores). We have been inundated with 100+ requests from interested volunteers from Pune and other cities. Check it out and please sign up if interested.

Finally, the GullyBuy team would like to sincerely thank our early supporters. We are excited and happy to know that you too are confident that our apps are the need of the hour.


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