GullyBuy launches innovative mobile apps for contactless local shopping

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

An initiative to promote safe, hassle-free and convenient neighborhood shopping.

Pune, India, April 21, 2020: GullyBuy, a Pune based software startup, today announced the launch of GullyBuy mobile apps for Consumers and Vendors. The apps enable a digital hyper-local marketplace in which buyers can order groceries and daily essentials online from nearby stores, cart/stall vendors and home entrepreneurs.

"The local kiranas, fruit/veggie vendors, medical stores have always been the lifeblood of daily shopping in India. They are the unsung heroes of today by continuing to operate in the Covid situation. With social distancing the norm, Buyers are ordering from Vendors using calls and WhatsApp, which is time consuming and error prone. Orders and reminders are scattered across large number of messages, making it difficult to manage the workflow of order, packing, payment and delivery/pickup. A simple app can bring order to this chaos by consolidating this communication in one place without forcing buyers and vendors to adopt a complex process. That is why we fast tracked the launch of our apps by releasing a Base Version," – says Swati Deodhar, Co-founder, GullyBuy Software.

There are no app fees for buyers and vendors. Buyers can ask the store to deliver items or choose to pick up from the store. If a store does not deliver, the items can be pre-packed and ready for pickup, minimizing the buyer's time in the shop and improving safety by reducing queues outside the store.

The unique apps are aligned to the informal nature of the buy-sell transactions with small stores. Users simply list the items they need in plain text (or voice to text). No product catalogue is required to be set up by vendors. They can accept online orders from buyers immediately after downloading the Vendor app. The apps track delivery/pickup and payment status. GullyBuy will be providing spend analytics and other significant capabilities to both users and stores by leveraging the marketplace data being aggregated on its platform.

Along with the apps, GullyBuy also announced an initiative named FOLKS (Friends of Local Kirana Stores). Shirish Deodhar, Co-founder, explains that “our objective is to build a community of users keen to help their local vendors provide mobile-based shopping convenience to the neighborhood. This can have a huge long-term positive impact on a group that has been underserved by today's digital economy and empower them to compete with the big stores.

GullyBuy is a bootstrap startup with a management team and board that have a track record of serial entrepreneurship with highly successful exits.

About GullyBuy Software:

GullyBuy is a Pune based startup, founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs, each with 20-30 years of technology experience. Prior to GullyBuy, they have founded, scaled, and sold three other successful software companies. Established in October 2019, GullyBuy is a technology company and not associated with any retail brand. The GullyBuy vision is to 'Simplify Shopping, Simplify Life' through a digital marketplace platform that directly connects buyers and stores in neighborhoods (gullies) across India.

Media Contact:

Koeli Chatterjee

Sr. Manager - Marketing & Communication

GullyBuy Software

m: +91 99707 88406 |


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